Chito and Nena Kafie Foundation

Chito and Nena Kafie Foundation was present in the reforestation campaign “Honduras siembra vida”

More than 70 enthusiastic volunteers from Chito and Nena Kafie Foundation moved on October 1 last to the rugged mountains of biological reserves and wildlife MISOCO, near the town of Guaimaca, department of Francisco Morazan, with one goal: Plant 3,000 trees as a contribution to the campaign “Honduras Plant Life” promoted by the Government of the Republic.A convoy of buses left early from Tegucigalpa to join the work crews led by foresters Institute of Forest Conservation, Protected Areas and Wildlife (ICF) already working in several areas nationwide coordinating the reforestation day, which began on September 28 and ended on October 2, with a goal of planting two million trees in several sectors.  Read more

Lufussa deliver 200,000 trees to the Government of Honduras

Lufussa deliver 200,000 trees to the Government of Honduras

As part of the activities of opening the nursery garden belonging to the premises of ICF in Guaimaca, Francisco Morazan, Lufussa officially delivered to the Government of Honduras 200 thousand trees that are part of the million referred to in the agreement “Let’s plant”, signed between this company and the Forest Conservation Institute (ICF) and that the objective of the Government of the Republic joined in the “Honduras sowing life” program to plant 5 million trees this year.

Lufussa, together with the Forest Conservation Institute (ICF), built a nursery garden on the premises of the local office of the government agency responsible for the protection of forests in the municipality of Guaymaca, which is now ready with 200000 plants.

The nursery garden was opened by the Presidential Commission on Climate and Forests, Christa Castro Change; the director of ICF, Misael León, and the representative of the board of Lufussa, Christopher Kafie.

The trees of different species will be planted in different areas prioritized as protected areas, basins and watersheds. The reforestation day begins September 28 and ends on October 2 with a goal of planting 5 million trees throughout Honduras.

The nursery garden opened is part of the agreement, “Let’s plant”, signed between the ICF and the company Lufussa with the goal of planting one million trees that will serve to restore some areas affected by pine bark worm.

Lufussa is the first private sector company to join the reforestation activity with the construction of this nursery that will produce 1 million plants in the coming years.

the nursery garden

“Lufussa has fulfilled its goal of producing 200,000 trees this year”

The head minister of the Institute of Forest Conservation, Protected Areas and Wildlife (ICF), Engineer Misael León Carbajal, referred to the progress of the national reforestation campaign “Honduras sowing life”, launched by President Juan Orlando Hernandez last May 30, which consists of a call to the involvement of all actors of Honduran society to achieve the goal of planting 13.2 million trees this year.

The director of ICF reported that till the date have managed to plant two million trees and at the end of September and early October has organized a mega day of reforestation which aims to plant 5 million additional trees. “With all this involvement of the Central Government through the ICF, Mi ambiente, Armed Forces, Ministry of Education, as well as municipalities, agroforestry cooperatives and the private sector we succeed in reaching the goal set in this national reforestation campaign.”

He also highlighted the support in this effort of Lufussa through the initiative “Let’s plant”, as a company which aims to produce one million trees.

“Lufussa has met its goal for this year to produce 200,000 plants in the nursery garden built by the company in facilities in Guaimaca ICF and will be inaugurated soon. Initial production of this nursery garden will serve to restore forest cover in watersheds and protected areas near the capital of the Republic” said the engineer Leon Carbajal.

With the project “Let’s Plant” Lufussa has joined actively, from the hand of ICF, to the recovery activities of national forests and areas affected by the plague of southern pine beetle.

Olive Ridley Turtle

Lufussa: 8 years of efforts to preserve the Olive Ridley Turtle

In a public ceremony held on the beaches of Cedeño, in the department of Choluteca, it was carried out the launch of Project Nesting Semi-Artificial Olive Ridley Turtle period 2016, for eight consecutive years has been coordinated by the Verification Commission Environmental Control and the Gulf of Fonseca (CVC-Golf) and supported by the company Lufussa, from Luz y Fuerza Group (GLF), which begins with the declaration of closure period of the Olive Ridley Turtle level Gulf of Fonseca.

For 25 consecutive days the collection of turtle eggs are prohibited for the locals commercialization purposes, most of whom are involved in the preservation plan that takes place in organized camps for this purpose is prohibited in communities of Punta Raton, Boca de Rio Viejo, Cedeño, Carretales and Punta Condega, located in the municipality of Marcovia, Choluteca.

New baby Olive Ridley Turtle

This year the goal is to collect more than 40 000 eggs, which will be recruited to take to nesting sites, than is expected to be born hatchlings then release them facing the sea in order to initiate its normal growth path in the month of November.

As a contribution to the conservation of marine species in this area for eight consecutive years, Lufussa has actively participated in this activity to fund the operation of camps and providing food to the fishermen for their sustainability and their families during the season that lasts the ban.

Engineer Daniel Calero, coordinator of Lufussa Social Responsibility during the events said that “for more than 20 years we operate generating the energy our country needs for its development at the lowest price, environmental conservation has been one of our priorities. We have contributed to the cause of conservation of the Olive Ridley Turtle more than 5 million lempiras and have been involved in the achievement of having released more than 300,000 turtles that come to enrich the marine life of the Gulf of Fonseca. We thank each and every one of those who engage in this beautiful project, especially fishermen, who are the ones who sacrifice their nights to achieve the goals that arise every year”.

In mid-November and ends the ban on that date the release of more than 40,000 Olive Ridley Turtles will, an endangered species that we must preserve endangered.

Lufussa “Healthy Homes”

Lufussa “Healthy Homes” Project benefits 1,070 people in the south

Lufussa Company of Luz y Fuerza Group (GLF), in a public ceremony that took place in the community of El Tambor, Choluteca, closed the activities of the “Healthy Homes” Program. The objective of this project is to improve the floor of some settling polished concrete floors and painted houses, all with the enthusiastic participation of a group of volunteers and technical staff provided by the company.

The selection process for the favored residents’ begun with prior socialization in communities along the data collection and was formalized with the signing of an agreement with the employers for the improvement of each community.

The program began in 2011 and till the date has treated a total of 234 households, benefiting 1,070 people residing in Pavana Center, Aguacaliente, Guanacastillo and El Tambor, neighboring communities’ to plants generating electricity that Lufussa operates since 1994.

Health Care

With this labor, Lufussa seeks to improve the standard of living of the residents of these communities to prevent disease caused by bacteria and parasites such as Chagas disease, which is the virus caused by a bug in addition to gastrointestinal and respiratory infections, especially in children produced by living in contact with dust inside the housing.

Christopher Kafie, representing Lufussa, in his speech was very satisfied with the results obtained so far with this program, first thanked humbly communities for opening the doors of their homes and allow Lufussa work on this initiative, and then commenting “for more than 20 years, in addition to generating electricity at the lowest price that Honduras needs for its development, we have tried Lufussa run programs that benefit the people of our neighboring communities. The project “Healthy Homes” contributes to improving the health of many people, especially children, that fills us with great enthusiasm as they are the future of our country”.

the nursery garden

The first 200 thousand trees are already growing in the nursery garden built by Lufussa and ICF

The nursery garden built on the premises of ICF in Guaimaca, Francisco Morazan, is in full production of the first 200,000 saplings project “Let’s plant”.

Finished in its structure, the nursery garden is already in full production within 11 domes built by the company Lufussa in facilities Guaimaca the National Institute of Forest Conservation and Development, Protected Areas and Wildlife (ICF) as part of the agreement “Let’s plant” recently signed between the two institutions.

This year the Government of the Republic through the ICF nationwide planted 13.2 million seedlings of different species, of which 10 million are already production process.

With the “Let’s Plant” project Lufussa aims to provide one million trees, and thus adds to recovery activities in the areas affected by the beetle outbreak of pine national who is leading the Government of the Republic.

Luis Kafie, representing Lufussa, reiterated the commitment of the company to support in efforts to recover the areas affected by this scourge, seeking to rescue the forests of our country that are elementary for the well-being of our communities because they provide oxygen and water that we all need, among many other benefits.

Lufussa provides medical teams

Lufussa provides medical teams to several communities in Choluteca

These medical teams had the participation of 29 US doctors and the great support of Lufussa volunteers.

A total of 683 residents in the communities of Central and Guanacastillo Pavana received attention from American doctors who are members of the brigades and psychological health of the Mercer School of Medicine of the State of Georgia, United States.

These medical teams were managed through Honduras Outreach (HOI), an American organization dedicated to spreading the Christian faith through the execution of works of humanitarian aid. Based in Honduras it is located in the municipality of San Esteban, Olancho.

In the south of the country this institution has for several years a strategic alliance with Lufussa, Luz y Fuerza Group (GLF), which together perform medical brigades and other social outreach activities for the benefit of the people of several communities at the south of the country.

The first favored community was Guanacastillo, on May 23 and 24 as well, serving 180 patients during the first day and 122 the second day, making a total of 302 patients treated those two days. The third and fourth day medical brigade took place in the community of Pavana center, meeting for two days a total of 302 more patients. In addition it was provided medical care to 79 Lufussa partners, having finally 683 people favored.

This brigade was attended by 29 US doctors and support of Lufussa volunteers.

 All these actions Lufussa promoted are achieved thanks to the commitment of the Kafie family and a volunteer committed employees working to further promote business insight keeping with the environment and the communities in which it operates, seeking to improve the quality of life of Honduran families.