For more than 20 years the company Lufussa, founded by the brothers Schucry, Luis and Eduardo Kafie, in addition to generating the energy that Honduras needs for its development at the lowest price, has been concerned to improve the living conditions of inhabitants living in the communities surrounding their generation plants, especially on education.

A proof of it is the recent donation of desks to several primary schools, the delivery of school snacks to pre-school children who are students of several kindergartens in the locality, as well as school kits that include backpacks, notebooks and pencils.

The students of the kindergarten “Iris Osorio Acuña” from the community of Aguacaliente as well as children studying at the Kinder “Amado Argeñal Pinto” from the village of Pavane Centro received school kits containing backpacks, notebooks, pencils and other school supplies that will serve to improve the performance of learners in these schools.

The company also delivered 23 desks, 3 teacher tables and a small chair to the “Freddy Chavarría” school in El Tambor community, and kindergarten students of the same name will receive a school lunch during the present year that will help improve children’s nutrition.

Christopher Kafie, representative of the Board of Directors of Lufussa, referring to this contribution, he said that “education is a key factor in the development of people and communities,” that is why we will continue to support the educational centers of our neighbor communities, both pre-school and school level, as we have been doing since the beginning of our operations more than twenty years ago.