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Chito and Nena Kafie Foundation was present in the reforestation campaign “Honduras siembra vida”

Chito and Nena Kafie Foundation

More than 70 enthusiastic volunteers from Chito and Nena Kafie Foundation moved on October 1 last to the rugged mountains of biological reserves and wildlife MISOCO, near the town of Guaimaca, department of Francisco Morazan, with one goal: Plant 3,000 trees as a contribution to the campaign “Honduras Plant Life” promoted by the Government of the Republic.A convoy of buses left early from Tegucigalpa to join the work crews led by foresters Institute of Forest Conservation, Protected Areas and Wildlife (ICF) already working in several areas nationwide coordinating the reforestation day, which began on September 28 and ended on October 2, with a goal of planting two million trees in several sectors. 

The Chito and Nena Kafie Foundation for several months has been supporting through its force of volunteer activities for the nursery garden built by the company LUFUSSA, and donated to ICF, in the premises of the government agency located in the municipality of Guaimaca under the cooperation agreement “Let’s plant” in which LUFUSSA aims to plant one million trees in areas affected by the weevil seeking to recover national forests. Monique Kafie, representing Chito and Nena Kafie Foundation, reiterated the support that this organization has said for this reason: “We cannot sit with folded against the negative effects of the plague of southern pine beetle in our forests arms, which impacts in climatic conditions and the economy, so we join the efforts of the National Government, LUFUSSA and ICF to provide the activity of planting trees produced in the new nursery garden they have in Guaimaca.”

The entrepreneurs Schucry, Luis and Eduardo Kafie created in honor of her parents the Nena and Chito Kafie Foundation in order to continue the humanitarian work they began, mainly in the rescue of values. From its beginnings to the current date, the Foundation has implemented more than 200 projects with different approaches signifying an important investment. The Foundation aims to be able to function as the social arm of the Kafie family. During the course of the years the projects implemented by the Foundation have been escalating in magnitude, focusing on 3 major areas: health, education and community

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