Olive Ridley Turtle

Lufussa: 8 years of efforts to preserve the Olive Ridley Turtle

In a public ceremony held on the beaches of Cedeño, in the department of Choluteca, it was carried out the launch of Project Nesting Semi-Artificial Olive Ridley Turtle period 2016, for eight consecutive years has been coordinated by the Verification Commission Environmental Control and the Gulf of Fonseca (CVC-Golf) and supported by the company Lufussa, from Luz y Fuerza Group (GLF), which begins with the declaration of closure period of the Olive Ridley Turtle level Gulf of Fonseca.

For 25 consecutive days the collection of turtle eggs are prohibited for the locals commercialization purposes, most of whom are involved in the preservation plan that takes place in organized camps for this purpose is prohibited in communities of Punta Raton, Boca de Rio Viejo, Cedeño, Carretales and Punta Condega, located in the municipality of Marcovia, Choluteca.

New baby Olive Ridley Turtle

This year the goal is to collect more than 40 000 eggs, which will be recruited to take to nesting sites, than is expected to be born hatchlings then release them facing the sea in order to initiate its normal growth path in the month of November.

As a contribution to the conservation of marine species in this area for eight consecutive years, Lufussa has actively participated in this activity to fund the operation of camps and providing food to the fishermen for their sustainability and their families during the season that lasts the ban.

Engineer Daniel Calero, coordinator of Lufussa Social Responsibility during the events said that “for more than 20 years we operate generating the energy our country needs for its development at the lowest price, environmental conservation has been one of our priorities. We have contributed to the cause of conservation of the Olive Ridley Turtle more than 5 million lempiras and have been involved in the achievement of having released more than 300,000 turtles that come to enrich the marine life of the Gulf of Fonseca. We thank each and every one of those who engage in this beautiful project, especially fishermen, who are the ones who sacrifice their nights to achieve the goals that arise every year”.

In mid-November and ends the ban on that date the release of more than 40,000 Olive Ridley Turtles will, an endangered species that we must preserve endangered.

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