Lufussa deliver 200,000 trees to the Government of Honduras

Lufussa deliver 200,000 trees to the Government of Honduras

As part of the activities of opening the nursery garden belonging to the premises of ICF in Guaimaca, Francisco Morazan, Lufussa officially delivered to the Government of Honduras 200 thousand trees that are part of the million referred to in the agreement “Let’s plant”, signed between this company and the Forest Conservation Institute (ICF) and that the objective of the Government of the Republic joined in the “Honduras sowing life” program to plant 5 million trees this year.

Lufussa, together with the Forest Conservation Institute (ICF), built a nursery garden on the premises of the local office of the government agency responsible for the protection of forests in the municipality of Guaymaca, which is now ready with 200000 plants.

The nursery garden was opened by the Presidential Commission on Climate and Forests, Christa Castro Change; the director of ICF, Misael León, and the representative of the board of Lufussa, Christopher Kafie.

The trees of different species will be planted in different areas prioritized as protected areas, basins and watersheds. The reforestation day begins September 28 and ends on October 2 with a goal of planting 5 million trees throughout Honduras.

The nursery garden opened is part of the agreement, “Let’s plant”, signed between the ICF and the company Lufussa with the goal of planting one million trees that will serve to restore some areas affected by pine bark worm.

Lufussa is the first private sector company to join the reforestation activity with the construction of this nursery that will produce 1 million plants in the coming years.