Lufussa dona pupitres a escuela de la comunidad de Santa Cruz de Yarile, en la zona sur

Lufussa donates wood desks to Dionisio de Herrera School in the South Zone

The company Lufussa recently made a donation of wood desks to the students of the school “Dionisio de Herrera” of the community of Santa Cruz de Yarile, in Pavane, Choluteca.

The donation was made in response to a need in the school because the school furniture was in decline. Year after year the company makes these donations to the educational centers of this region of the country, donating to the date more than 1.000 desks, contributing in this way to a better utilization of the environment by the school students.

School furniture is manufactured using recycled wood by volunteers in the workshops of the energy-generating company; reflecting the company’s commitment to education as one of the pillars of corporate social responsibility.

Luis Kafie, one of the founders of Lufussa, a member of the Light and Force group (GLF), expressed his satisfaction in making the respective delivery to the authorities of the school: “We have more than 20 years generating the electricity that Honduras needs for its Development, at the lowest price and with the most efficient plants in the system. Throughout this time the education of our young people has been a commitment to the inhabitants of the neighboring communities. Be sure that Lufussa will continue to support its social projects in the community and the environment; because “One of our commitments is to provide better living conditions for our future generations.”

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