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“Lufussa has fulfilled its goal of producing 200,000 trees this year”

The head minister of the Institute of Forest Conservation, Protected Areas and Wildlife (ICF), Engineer Misael León Carbajal, referred to the progress of the national reforestation campaign “Honduras sowing life”, launched by President Juan Orlando Hernandez last May 30, which consists of a call to the involvement of all actors of Honduran society to achieve the goal of planting 13.2 million trees this year.

The director of ICF reported that till the date have managed to plant two million trees and at the end of September and early October has organized a mega day of reforestation which aims to plant 5 million additional trees. “With all this involvement of the Central Government through the ICF, Mi ambiente, Armed Forces, Ministry of Education, as well as municipalities, agroforestry cooperatives and the private sector we succeed in reaching the goal set in this national reforestation campaign.”

He also highlighted the support in this effort of Lufussa through the initiative “Let’s plant”, as a company which aims to produce one million trees.

“Lufussa has met its goal for this year to produce 200,000 plants in the nursery garden built by the company in facilities in Guaimaca ICF and will be inaugurated soon. Initial production of this nursery garden will serve to restore forest cover in watersheds and protected areas near the capital of the Republic” said the engineer Leon Carbajal.

With the project “Let’s Plant” Lufussa has joined actively, from the hand of ICF, to the recovery activities of national forests and areas affected by the plague of southern pine beetle.

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