Lufussa entrega donativo al Hospital del Sur

Lufussa gave a donation of more than 250 thousand lempiras to the Hospital del Sur

Lufussa, founded by the brothers Schucry, Luis and Eduardo Kafie, organizes a sporting event called “Color Marathon”, in the city of Choluteca, together with other sponsoring companies. Thousands of brokers from all over the country register and participate to support a noble cause, since the funds collected are delivered in full to a charity in the south.

The first year, in 2014, the company made a donation of 150 thousand lempiras to the Hospital del Sur and in the second edition 2015 delivered more than 175 thousand lempiras to the School for the Blind “Enrique Elizalde”. This year Lufussa gave a check for the amount of 254,712.60 thousand lempiras collected in the 2016 edition of the competition, which will serve to help again the Hospital del Sur, which urges medicines and supplies to serve thousands of patients arriving from All of southern Honduras.

1,350 people of all ages and genders, coming from Choluteca and other cities of the country, registered to participate in this unique marathon whose purpose is not really to win or break records, but to collaborate with a noble cause. The main objective of the Color Marathon is that all participants have a great time that everyone can enjoys the water and the diversity of the colored powders.  Leaving behind the daily routine and put above all the stress through the combination of dances with different rhythms and by the hand of good exercises. It is not a timed race since it does not reward categories or first or second places.

Christopher Kafie, representing the Lufussa board of directors, presented the check to the members of the Support Committee of the Hospital del Sur, expressing their great satisfaction at contributing to improve health services for the residents of this sector. “In addition to generating the electric power that Honduras needs for its development at the lowest price, helping to protect the environment and improving the living standards of the communities surrounding our generation plants, we are happy to contribute to the Provision of the health services of the inhabitants of the southern area of Honduras with this donation. All this is a sign that as a company we are much more than energy” he said.

Meanwhile, Professor Luis Marcía, chair of the External Support Committee to the Hospital del Sur, thanked the company Lufussa for this initiative. “These funds will help us to change the hospital’s water system, which is one of our projects for this year. We thank Lufussa because since its founding more than 20 years ago it has been identified with the needs of the inhabitants of the southern area” he said.

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