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IGM Investments, an international press agency created to make a connection between the multinational business field and those countries with very attractive investment economies, are responsible for developing these emerging countries thanks to foreign attention and Capital inflows. And how do they achieve it? Through the creation of attractive reports, news and articles that circulate in the most recognized newspapers worldwide, as they are; Miami Herald, the Los Angeles Times, the Economist, the New Herald, among others.

Thanks to Honduras being one of those ever-growing economies, it is attracting international attention, so it is not surprising to mention IGM Investments in its most recent report on Honduras, where Lufussa has proudly also participated In the section “Energy and Gas” of the supplement published by the Miami Herald where our work as a company stands out.

It describes the evolutionary process that the Honduran sector is experiencing in its energy sources, including, and as the report points out, during the year 2015 Honduras was the Latin American country with the highest investment in energy generation from renewable sources in Relation to its GDP, so that the production of renewable energy equals the conventional energy produced by hydrocarbons.

Our energy as a seal of quality

Lufussa not only offers electricity at the lowest price in the country, but also stands out as an “Eco-friendly” and Socially Responsible company thanks to its policies to preserve the environment and contribute to social development, all under the premise of improving the quality of Life of the Hondurans.

The company has managed to grow, diversifying its investments in the energy sector, seeking to responsibly address the needs of energy demand in our country. Our greatest achievement in these 20 years has been to create a group of Honduran professionals that form the backbone of this company. Without the human factor, none of our other achievements would have been possible.

Definitely being able to do what you love should not be called work, however, the recognition of such a distinguished agency at international level as IGM Investments fills us with pride in LUFUSSA, which for more than 20 years has been to the services of our country and its development. We are very pleased and grateful.


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