Lufussa “Healthy Homes”

Lufussa “Healthy Homes” Project benefits 1,070 people in the south

Lufussa Company of Luz y Fuerza Group (GLF), in a public ceremony that took place in the community of El Tambor, Choluteca, closed the activities of the “Healthy Homes” Program. The objective of this project is to improve the floor of some settling polished concrete floors and painted houses, all with the enthusiastic participation of a group of volunteers and technical staff provided by the company.

The selection process for the favored residents’ begun with prior socialization in communities along the data collection and was formalized with the signing of an agreement with the employers for the improvement of each community.

The program began in 2011 and till the date has treated a total of 234 households, benefiting 1,070 people residing in Pavana Center, Aguacaliente, Guanacastillo and El Tambor, neighboring communities’ to plants generating electricity that Lufussa operates since 1994.

Health Care

With this labor, Lufussa seeks to improve the standard of living of the residents of these communities to prevent disease caused by bacteria and parasites such as Chagas disease, which is the virus caused by a bug in addition to gastrointestinal and respiratory infections, especially in children produced by living in contact with dust inside the housing.

Christopher Kafie, representing Lufussa, in his speech was very satisfied with the results obtained so far with this program, first thanked humbly communities for opening the doors of their homes and allow Lufussa work on this initiative, and then commenting “for more than 20 years, in addition to generating electricity at the lowest price that Honduras needs for its development, we have tried Lufussa run programs that benefit the people of our neighboring communities. The project “Healthy Homes” contributes to improving the health of many people, especially children, that fills us with great enthusiasm as they are the future of our country”.

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