Lufussa receives Seal FUNDAHRSE for the fourth consecutive year

As a recognition of its many business activities, Lufussa was recently awarded the FUNDAHRSE Stamp of Socially Responsible Enterprise for the fourth consecutive year.

The FUNDAHRSE Socially Responsible Company Seal is a recognition designed to award annually to organizations that demonstrate responsible practices towards the internal and external of the company.


Receiving this award for four consecutive years is not a accident, it reflects the dedication and effort of the executives and collaborators of this company to implement and improve their responsible practices, fostering a harmonious and respectful environment with its collaborators, neighbors, and others.


These programs are aligned with the seven main points on which Lufussa initiates its social action: Governance, internal public, environment, suppliers, responsible marketing, community and public policies.


Among Lufussa’s best practices is its “Let’s Plant” project, whereby Lufussa will deliver to the Government of Honduras through ICF one million trees to restore areas affected by pine bark beetles and forest fires at the national level . 127,000 trees will be delivered to the Municipality of the Central District within the framework of the same initiative to improve the environment of the capital of Honduras.


For 9 consecutive years this company has supported the project of conservation of the turtle with the aim of conserving and increasing the population of golf turtles in the Gulf of Fonseca. To date, it has helped release more than 400,000 turtles.


It has also benefited more than 1,000 people from neighboring communities by remodeling 265 homes by replacing dirt floors with concrete floors. This prevents diseases caused by bacteria and parasites, especially in children. In alliance with Honduras Outreach Co., every year it carries medical brigades in attention of the inhabitants of the neighboring communities to its generation plants.


Lufussa founder Luis Kafie values ​​this recognition: “This award is a recognition of the great work of our team of collaborators and reflects our respect and consideration towards our neighbors, our work teams within the company and the environment in general. We will do our best to continue qualifying this prestigious label in the coming years. “

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