Lufussa entrega donativo al Hospital del Sur

Lufussa gave a donation of more than 250 thousand lempiras to the Hospital del Sur

Lufussa, founded by the brothers Schucry, Luis and Eduardo Kafie, organizes a sporting event called “Color Marathon”, in the city of Choluteca, together with other sponsoring companies. Thousands of brokers from all over the country register and participate to support a noble cause, since the funds collected are delivered in full to a charity in the south. Read more

Lufussa sedes


IGM Investments, an international press agency created to make a connection between the multinational business field and those countries with very attractive investment economies, are responsible for developing these emerging countries thanks to foreign attention and Capital inflows. And how do they achieve it? Through the creation of attractive reports, news and articles that circulate in the most recognized newspapers worldwide, as they are; Miami Herald, the Los Angeles Times, the Economist, the New Herald, among others. Read more