Voluntarios de Lufussa con una de las tortugas golfinas de las que en gran cantidad llegan a desovar en las playas del Golfo de Fonseca

A successful closure of turtles in the Gulf of Fonseca

Concerned about its extinction, the authorities of the Secretariat of Energy, Natural Resources, Environment and Mines (MiAmbiente) decreed last September 25 days of prohibition during which it is prohibited to consume and market turtle eggs in the Gulf of Fonseca.

The institutions that make up the Verification and Control Commission of the Gulf of Fonseca (CVC-GOLF) and MiAmbiente recently signed a collaboration agreement with Lufussa, a member of the Light and Strength Group (GLF), with the objective of conserving and increasing population of turtles in the Gulf of Fonseca.


The fishermen who previously consumed and marketed the eggs of the turtles, from the closure are dedicated to take care of the kilometers of eggs spawned at this time of year. Lufussa provides them with food during these days so that, while taking care of the newborns, they can take food home without having to rely on this fishing activity.


Lufussa, for the ninth consecutive year, also contributes to the purchase of materials, purchase of fuels, payment for specialized technical assistance during incubation of eggs, release and tabulation of biological data, and many other support activities for the preservation of the the southern part of the country.


To this date more than 50,000 eggs were registered, distributed in the turtle camps of Carretales (36 nests), Punta Ratón (117 nests), Boca de Rio Viejo (54 nests), Cedeño (52 nests) and Punta Condega with 51 nests A record is expected for the number of released turtles since climatic conditions have been more propitious than in previous years. In the previous eight years there is a release of more than 400,000 turtles.


At the beginning of next November, the event for the release of turtle miles has been scheduled, in an activity that is not only of interest to the community, but also for the nation and the world.


Luis Kafie, founder of Lufussa, stated that “although we have released 400,000 little turtles to date, it will take many years of efforts to repopulate this species in the Gulf of Fonseca.” God has blessed us with many natural wonders that we must protect to inherit, and in Lufussa, we are grateful to be part of the actors who make this noble effort for our country. “

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