Lufussa receives Seal FUNDAHRSE for the fourth consecutive year

As a recognition of its many business activities, Lufussa was recently awarded the FUNDAHRSE Stamp of Socially Responsible Enterprise for the fourth consecutive year.

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Voluntarios de Lufussa con una de las tortugas golfinas de las que en gran cantidad llegan a desovar en las playas del Golfo de Fonseca

A successful closure of turtles in the Gulf of Fonseca

Concerned about its extinction, the authorities of the Secretariat of Energy, Natural Resources, Environment and Mines (MiAmbiente) decreed last September 25 days of prohibition during which it is prohibited to consume and market turtle eggs in the Gulf of Fonseca.

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Lufussa firma convenio para la conservación de la tortuga golfina

Lufussa signs agreement for the conservation of the Ridley Turtle

The company Lufussa, member of the Group Light and Force (GLF), signed a collaboration agreement with the institutions that make up the commission of Verification and Control of the Gulf of Fonseca (CVC-GOLF) and the Secretariat of natural Resources, environment and mines (MiAmbiente) In order to preserve and increase the population of olive turtles in the Gulf of Honduran Fonseca. Read more

Lufussa Vivero Guaimaca

The works of Lufussa and Lacthosa are advancing In the nursery of the ICF campus in Guaimaca

In a very advanced state is the works of filling of bags and seeds for the planting of 200 thousand trees that the companies Lufussa and Lacthosa -founded by the brothers Schucry, Luis and Eduardo Kafie,-  carry out in the nursery built by Lufussa on the campus of the Institute of Forest Conservation (ICF) located in the municipality of Guaimaca, in the Department of Francisco Morazán Honduras.

In this second stage, the objective of both companies is to give the Government  100 thousand trees each, 200 thousand in total this year, which joins the reforestation campaigns promoted by the ICF at national level during this year, always within the framework of the initiative “we will plant” that Lufussa leads from the previous year. The final objective of the convention is to deliver one million trees to the Government.

The planting of the seeds is carried out in an intense way in the nursery built in the facilities of the ICF in the municipality of Guaimaca, Francisco Morazán. The companies Lufussa and Lacthosa have fulfilled their commitment to provide the seeds, the filling of the bags with the appropriate compost, the planting of the seeds and the necessary inputs for the nursery to produce at its maximum capacity.

The participation of volunteers from both institutions in the bag-filling and seed-planting activities will take place soon, which is also part of the contribution of the private sector.

For its part, ICF is providing the necessary technical assistance throughout this plantation process, and will then move the trees to the correct place to be transplanted.

This nursery that drives the ICF through private enterprise is specifically aimed to restore affected areas in the municipalities of Talanga, the town of San Francisco, El Porvenir, Cantarranas and Orica. They are about 13 hectares, with special emphasis on the protected areas of Misoco, Chile and some water-supplying microwatersheds for these municipalities.



For more than 20 years the company Lufussa, founded by the brothers Schucry, Luis and Eduardo Kafie, in addition to generating the energy that Honduras needs for its development at the lowest price, has been concerned to improve the living conditions of inhabitants living in the communities surrounding their generation plants, especially on education.

A proof of it is the recent donation of desks to several primary schools, the delivery of school snacks to pre-school children who are students of several kindergartens in the locality, as well as school kits that include backpacks, notebooks and pencils.

The students of the kindergarten “Iris Osorio Acuña” from the community of Aguacaliente as well as children studying at the Kinder “Amado Argeñal Pinto” from the village of Pavane Centro received school kits containing backpacks, notebooks, pencils and other school supplies that will serve to improve the performance of learners in these schools.

The company also delivered 23 desks, 3 teacher tables and a small chair to the “Freddy Chavarría” school in El Tambor community, and kindergarten students of the same name will receive a school lunch during the present year that will help improve children’s nutrition.

Christopher Kafie, representative of the Board of Directors of Lufussa, referring to this contribution, he said that “education is a key factor in the development of people and communities,” that is why we will continue to support the educational centers of our neighbor communities, both pre-school and school level, as we have been doing since the beginning of our operations more than twenty years ago.