the nursery garden

The first 200 thousand trees are already growing in the nursery garden built by Lufussa and ICF

The nursery garden built on the premises of ICF in Guaimaca, Francisco Morazan, is in full production of the first 200,000 saplings project “Let’s plant”.

Finished in its structure, the nursery garden is already in full production within 11 domes built by the company Lufussa in facilities Guaimaca the National Institute of Forest Conservation and Development, Protected Areas and Wildlife (ICF) as part of the agreement “Let’s plant” recently signed between the two institutions.

This year the Government of the Republic through the ICF nationwide planted 13.2 million seedlings of different species, of which 10 million are already production process.

With the “Let’s Plant” project Lufussa aims to provide one million trees, and thus adds to recovery activities in the areas affected by the beetle outbreak of pine national who is leading the Government of the Republic.

Luis Kafie, representing Lufussa, reiterated the commitment of the company to support in efforts to recover the areas affected by this scourge, seeking to rescue the forests of our country that are elementary for the well-being of our communities because they provide oxygen and water that we all need, among many other benefits.

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