remodelada Sala de Pediatría del Hospital del Sur

With support from Lufussa, remodeled pediatric ward of the Hospital of the South

Professor Luis Marcia, director of the External Support Committee of the Hospital del Sur, thanked Rolando Ramírez, of the company Lufussa, for the support received.

The paediatric room of the hospital of the south is now in a excellent condition and available so that the children can be cared for in a suitable space thanks to the support of the company Lufussa, founded by the brothers Schucry, Eduardo and Luis Kafie.

The unit was restored with funds delivered by Lufussa to the Southern Hospital Support Committee, directed by Professor Luis Marcia, who thanked and acknowledged, in the inauguration event, the support that the energy company has been offering since the 2014, for the benefit of the inhabitants of the southern part of the country. Lufussa, has so far, delivered more than 400 thousand lempiras as aid to the Regional Hospital Center, funds that have been successfully used by the external Support Committee.

As it is a tradition for three years, the company Lufussa organizes annually -together with other sponsoring companies- a sporting event called “Color Marathon”, in the city of Choluteca, where thousands of runners from all over the country register and participate to support the noble cause, as the funds raised are delivered to a charity institution of the South Zone.

The first year, in 2014, the company made a donation of 150 thousand lempiras to the hospital of the South and in the second edition 2015 gave more than 175 thousand lempiras to the Blind’s people school “Enrique Elizalde”. This year Lufussa delivered a check for the amount of 254712.60 thousand lempiras collected in the 2016 edition of the sports competition, which have served to restore this unit of attention to the smaller patients of the medical center.

Professor Luis Marcia, director of the Assistance Center’s external Support Committee, thanked runners of the color marathon and Lufussa executives for contributing to this noble cause. It also announced that the next project is climate conditioning in the room for what it hopes to continue with the support of private and public sector companies.

For his part, Rolando Ramírez, executive of Lufussa, on behalf of the company congratulated the members of the Support Committee for their excellent management. “In addition to generating the electricity that Honduras needs at the lowest price, we are pleased to be able to contribute to the provision of health services for the people of southern Honduras, especially children.” “All this is a sample that we as a company are much more than energy,” he said.

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